Brahms & Beethoven

  • Date: July 27, 29
  • Place: Silvestre Revueltas Music Hall
  • Ejecutive Producción: Concertistas Internacionales
  • Direction: Dávid Hernández
    • Michelle Fox -soprano
    • Simone Jaime -mezzosoprano
    • Efraín Corralejo -tenor
    • Carlos Adrián Hernández - bajo

Tonight's program combined a work of unusual beauty, which is rarely sung, along with the most popular compositions of the repertoire of classical music. Two German authors, from different eras, whose works are fundamental to understand the development of classical music of western concert:

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) author of NÄNIE, and Ludwig Van Beethoeven (1770 - 1827) creator of the NINTH SYMPHONY in whose fourth movement a monumental choir participates. What exists in common in the works that were presented? that both use texts of one of the most important poets of the German Classicism: Friedrich Von Schiller (1759 - 1805) and that both speak of the deepest thing a human being can express: pain and hope.

Schiller was born in November 1759 and represents, together with Goethe, one of the highlights of German literature and thought: As a poet, historian and literary writer, the ideals of the brightest minds of the time are conjugated , deeply influenced by the illustration. Many of his poems were taken by contemporary composers or later in his life to create vocal and / or choral works.